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Lovata.Shopaholic is required

After installing PlanetaDelEste.ScoutShopaholic, new FULLTEXT index will be added to lovata_shopaholic_brands, lovata_shopaholic_categories, lovata_shopaholic_products and lovata_tagsshopaholic_tags if TagsShopaholic is installed.

Note: If you get DB error using FULLTEXT search, check db index to has same order and columns as name, slug, external_id, code, preview_text, description, search_synonym, search_content (last two are added only if SearchShopaholic is installed.

Plugin adds searchScout($sSearchString) method to ProductCollection, BrandCollection, CategoryCollection, TagCollection classes.

$obList =  ProductCollection::make()->searchScout('test search');


Install Scout via the Composer package manager:

composer require laravel/scout

After installing Scout, you should publish the Scout configuration using the vendor:publish Artisan command. This command will publish the scout.php configuration file to your config directory:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Laravel\Scout\ScoutServiceProvider"

Algolia Driver

If you want to use Algolia check Laravel.Scout documentation

MySQL Driver

Search Shopaholic Models using MySQL FULLTEXT Indexes

Note: Any Models you plan to search using this driver must use a MySQL MyISAM or InnoDB table.

Install with Composer

composer require yab/laravel-scout-mysql-driver

Append the default configuration to config/scout.php

 'mysql' => [
 'mode' => 'NATURAL_LANGUAGE',
 'model_directories' => [app_path()],
 'min_search_length' => 0,
 'min_fulltext_search_length' => 4,
 'min_fulltext_search_fallback' => 'LIKE',
 'query_expansion' => false

Set SCOUT_DRIVER=mysql in your .env file

Please note this Laravel Scout driver does not need to update any indexes when a Model is changed as this is handled natively by MySQL. Therefore you can safely disable queuing in config/scout.php.

 | Queue Data Syncing
 | This option allows you to control if the operations that sync your data
 | with your search engines are queued. When this is set to "true" then
 | all automatic data syncing will get queued for better performance.
 'queue' => false,

In addition there is no need to use the php artisan scout:import command. However, if you plan to use this driver in either NATURAL_LANGUAGE or BOOLEAN mode you should first run the provided console command to create the needed FULLTEXT indexes.

Full documentation of MySQL driver here

Note: It is recommended to configure PHP memory_limit to 1024M or more


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Aug 27, 2019


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Aug 27, 2019


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Aug 27, 2019