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October CMS plugin to make websites GDPR compliant.

Cookie Consent Manager

This plugin provides two simple components to make your October installation GDPR compliant.

  • cookieBanner
  • cookieManager



This component displays the cookie banner. It displays checkboxes for each cookie group that has been defined via the backend settings. This allows the user to quickly enable or disable certain types of cookies.

If the user accepts the cookies, all relevant scripts will be reloaded via AJAX (optionally a hard reload of the page can be triggered). If the user declines the banner disappears and no cookies are enabled.

If the user clicks on the advanced settings link no cookies are set until a decision is made via the cookieManager.

All user specific decisions are stored in a single cookie.

For more details checkout the official documentation.



This component displays detailed information about all cookies. Note that the table in the GIF is only displayed for debugging purposes.

Cookies can be enabled or disabled. If a cookie has levels defined a slider is shown additionally.

Twig helpers

The Twig helpers gdprCookieAllowed and gdprAllowedCookieLevel make it easy to conditionally include your dependencies.

{% if gdprCookieAllowed('google-analytics') %}
    <!-- Include Analytics Code here -->
{% endif %}

{% if gdprCookieAllowed('google-analytics', 3) %}
    <!-- Include advanced Level 3 Analytics Code here -->
{% endif %}

Data retention

The data retention functionality enables you to delete old plugin data after a specified amount of days.

You can specify the data retention policy for each plugin via October's backend settings.

For more details checkout the official documentation.

Klaro! Consent Manager

This plugin also provides an alternative integration of Klaro! A Simple Consent Manager.

The Klaro! Consent Manager displays a GDPR compliant cookie message and allows the customization of the usage of third-party applications by a website visitor.

Klaro PopUp

All Klaro! settings can be managed via October's backend.

Information on how to use Klaro! can be found on the official website https://klaro.kiprotect.com/.

For more details checkout the official documentation.

GDPR Icons by https://lukaszadam.com/illustrations

The documentation for this plugin can be found on GitHub.

  • Found the plugin useful on 15 Dec, 2019

    how can I add a link?

  • author

    Replied on 16 Dec, 2019

    Thank you for your review! Please use our GitHub page for support questions. Also provide some more information about your problem as your current question could literally mean anything! ;-)

  • Found the plugin not useful on 17 Nov, 2019

    Warning this plugin is broken, when you turn on cron jobs you will see a daily error message saying the following: ReflectionException: Function gdpr:cleanup() does not exist

    Have opened a github issue found here: https://github.com/OFFLINE-GmbH/oc-gdpr-plugin/issues/63

    Can the author please fix it asap.

  • author

    Replied on 17 Nov, 2019

    Please don't leave negative reviews only because a certain feature of the plugin does not seem to work for you. If you fund a bug, use GitHub to report it and at least give us time to respond.

  • Found the plugin useful on 27 Jul, 2018

    Wow that's a nice peace of a plugin to make the site more gdpr compliant. Good job! I guess there are still some issues right? Especially with the multiple purpose entries in klaro Manager! If it has only one entry then it is not a problem i see the germanized word Zweck: but if a Cookie Object has multiple purposes entries you see instead of Zwecke: only : and the entries.

    Some css cosmetics improvements of the close button are needed, especially in smartphone and tablet viewports, but was easy to fix for own needs!

    Documentation could be way more clear especially of the process how to get those squares with groups of cookies into the cookie bar?

    But over all if this thing will one day run fine, just wow! Good work guys and best greethings to neighbours in switzerland. You rock guys!

  • Found the plugin useful on 20 Jun, 2018

    Great plugin, but Opt-in (enable default cookies) does not work properly. Cookies that are enabled by default, are not actually enabled.

    Sorry for my english.

  • author

    Replied on 20 Jun, 2018

    Hello Custom Venum

    Thank you for your review! Since the plugin is still pretty new there is a high chance of bugs with certain installations. Please make sure to always update to the latest release. We are releasing updates as often as possible. Also check out our GitHub's develop branch where we are working hard on the next version with a lot of new ePrivacy and GDPR conform features!


Fixed compatibilty problems with October Build 460

Dec 19, 2019


Another Bugfix release

Nov 18, 2019


Bugfix release

Nov 18, 2019


Added workaround to a October schedule bug for cleanup command (https://github.com/octobercms/october/issues/4771)

Nov 18, 2019


Added polish translations (thanks to @Magiczne)

Sep 02, 2019


Fixed minor bug in cookie manager JS

Aug 29, 2019


Fixed default cookie manager markup bug

Apr 15, 2019


Fixed style bug for cookieManager component.

Mar 18, 2019


!!! Implemented responsive design for cookieManager component. The markup of the cookieManager component changed slightly. Make sure to check for display errors if you've made manual changes to this component's markup after this update.

Mar 18, 2019


Fixed saving of translated cookie data

Feb 21, 2019


Marked Cookie and CookieGroup fields as fillable

Dec 09, 2018


Fixed installation via composer (thanks to angelcoding)

Oct 22, 2018


Added Slovak translation (thanks to vosco88)

Aug 31, 2018


Updated french translation (thank to damsfx)

Aug 13, 2018


Minor wording changes in the cookieManager component

Jul 27, 2018


Hide Levels selector if a cookie is disabled

Jul 25, 2018


Minor cleanup and bugfixes

Jul 24, 2018


!!! Big update to make this plugin more GDPR and ePrivacy compliant. Users of the 1.x version will have to manually update their Cookie Levels after the update. All your other settings remain compatible. Check out the new Help and Info section to find out more on how to make your Website GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.

Jul 20, 2018


General cleanup and extension of plugin

Jul 20, 2018


Fixed bug with data retention closures (thanks to Alex360hd)

Jul 11, 2018


Added the Info and Help Section

Jun 24, 2018


Finished off the Cookie Backend and did a general tidy up

Jun 21, 2018


!!! Removed cookie groups from banner component since they arent in line with GDPR regulations. Also added new fields to optimize ePrivacy conformity. (*Very big thank you* to ayumihamsaki for giving a lot of feedback via our GitHub page!)

Jun 19, 2018


Load the correct cookie state when visiting the cookieManager after a user has declined

Jun 19, 2018


Updated french translations (thanks to damsfx)

Jun 15, 2018


Optimized responsive display of cookie banner on mobile devices

Jun 15, 2018


Various bug fixes and extended support for old Laravel 5.1 installations

Jun 15, 2018


Optimized PHP 7.2 compatibility

Jun 15, 2018


Optimized default cookieBanner styles

Jun 15, 2018


Updated french translations (thanks to damsfx)

Jun 14, 2018


Added `ignore_behaviour` property to `cookieBanner`. You can now decide what happens if the user ignores the banner (show banner again, opt-in, opt-out).

Jun 13, 2018


Changed default cookie banner wording

Jun 13, 2018


Fixed cookie group management permission name

Jun 13, 2018


Optimized default CSS of the new cookieManager component

Jun 13, 2018


Added new cookie manager component

Jun 13, 2018


Fixed bug in consent manager configuration

Jun 06, 2018


Added french translations (thanks to damsfx)

Jun 06, 2018


Fixed loading of ConsentManager component if no settings have been defined yet

Jun 06, 2018


Fixed translation string.

Jun 05, 2018


Initialize plugin.

Jun 05, 2018