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This plugin uses the Unsplash API to retrieve and display images.

Please note:

  1. Copyright: The images displayed through this plugin are the property of their respective authors and are subject to copyright. Make sure you have the correct attributions and permissions if you want to use the images for commercial purposes.

  2. Data Security: This plugin does not store any personal data, but it can retrieve data from the Unsplash API. We take no responsibility for the use and security of this data.

  3. Responsible use: Use this plugin responsibly and ethically. Please respect Unsplash's terms of use and policies when using their services.

  4. Support: This plugin is provided as is without warranty of any kind. We do not provide official support and accept no liability for any issues that may arise when using the plugin. By installing and using this plugin you agree to these terms. For more information about their service, see Unsplash's official documentation and terms of use.

This plugin has 1 single component which is placed with: {% component 'Wallpaper' %}.

These images are retrieved via API, so you need an unsplash developer account that gives you the Access code and Secret code. You must enter this on the editor side.


First version of unsplash

Oct 26, 2023