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  • Added on Jan 8, 2015
  • Current version: 1.0.3
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    v3.x not tested
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    v1.x use latest
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If you have a problem with users/bots processing registrations using fake or disposable email addresses then this is the plugin for you! Simply install it, configure a couple options, and include the component on your registration page and your on your way preventing fake registrations!

This plugin uses the block-disposable-email.com service, so you will need to signup for an account there. They provide you with 200 free lookups a month and have competitive pricing after that. You can disable this plugins operation with a single checkbox, configure email alerts to notify you when your credits are out or an error has occurred, and most importantly - prevent fake emails in your system!

Feel free to customize the notifications using the regular backend email template screen.

Now supports localization, so if you would like to provide a translation please let me know.

Disposable Email Blocker

This plugin gives you the ability to leverage the block-disposable-email.com's API to prevent users from registering using disposable/throwaway email addresses.


To use this plugin you need to do the following:

-   Have the Rainlab.User plugin installed
-   Sign up for an account at www.block-disposable-email.com and get your API key
-   Configure backend settings: API key, notification email address, enable/disable options
-   Configure the notification email template on the backend
-   Add the component to your registration page where an onRegister() method is used
-   Have a {% flash %} section somewhere in your template for displaying messages

Things to know

I am in no way affiliated with block-disposable-email.com, however after testing a number of services available I found it to be the easiest to work with and they provide you with 200 free lookups a month. If you need more lookups than that, refer to their site for pricing.

What happens after 200 lookups?

The Plugin will notify the email address used in the backend settings that you are out of credits. You can either choose to purchase more credits or you can temporarily disable the plugin until your counter has reset.

If you do not disable the plugin, all further requests until more credits have been added will automatically pass verification. You will also continue to get emails informing you of the fact you are out of credits.

To prevent this, simply turn off the 'Receive Notification Emails' checkbox in the settings.


Added localization to Plugin

Jan 10, 2015


Removed un-needed vendor files

Jan 09, 2015


First version of Disposable Email Blocker

Jan 08, 2015