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Contact Form | October CMS

MoonWalkerz present "Contact Form"! A simple and convenient contact form plugin for October CMS. this plugin allows the saving of email and telephone number, you can active captcha and is GDPR compliant! What more do you want?

? Features ?

  • Fully manageable from backend.
  • Saving of email and telephone number for marketing purposes.
  • GDPR compliant and third part privacy rules.
  • Google reCAPTCHA svailable. More Info
  • Multilanguage support via Rainlab.Translate plugin

? Support Us ?

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✉️ Contact Us ✉️

Do you have any suggestions?\ Do you need to customise this plugin?

Mail: webmaster@moonwalkerz.dev\ Telegram: @MoonWalkerzDev

? Dependencies ?

this plugin needs the following dependencies:

  • Rainlab.Translate

you can install them with this command:

php artisan plugin:install RainLab.Translate

? Install ?

You can install this plugin with this command:

composer require moonwalkerz/oc-contact-plugin

⚙️ Documentation ⚙️

Using this plugin is really simple. Before using it, you need to follow these steps:

1) Set up the email settings in October CMS backend, under Settings > Mail Configuration. 2) Set up the Contacts settings in October CMS backend, under Settings > Contacts. In this section, you can insert the company name, which will be used to autocomplete the GDPR checkbox. You can also set the CAPTCHA, and if you use Google, you can insert the Google Key.

ow, you can insert the component in your page. You can set additional custom settings, such as:

  • Email destination address
  • Name of email sender
  • Email subject
  • add phone field
  • set phone field mandatory
  • GDPR checkbox

This plugin creates a new default mail template. If you need to customize it, you can find it in Settings > Mail Templates > moonwalkerz.contact::mail.message


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Jul 11, 2023


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Jul 11, 2023


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Jul 11, 2023


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Jul 11, 2023