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Live Demo

You can visit our Live Demo site. Sign in to backend using: login - manager, password - manager. You can deploy the demo site locally. To do so, you need to clone the repository, follow the steps from the "Installation guide", install the plugins. As a result, you will receive a copy of the demo site with a full database. Having a ready-made demo site example, you can easily learn how to operate the plugins.

Large Catalog Performance Live Demo

If you would like to know how our plugins perform with large catalogs of products, you can visit our Large Catalog Live Demo that has 21 000 products, 68 000 offers and 210 000 variations of property values.

Below are the performance characteristics for server setup: Dual Core CPU with 4GB of RAM.

For a catalog containing 210 products

Catalog page load time: 100-150 ms

Product list filtering time: 80-100 ms

For a catalog containing 21 000 products

Catalog page load time: 900-1100 ms

Product list filtering time: 500-600 ms


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General information

Sphinx for Shopaholic adds supreme search capabilities to your project powered by Sphinx search engine. Sphinx is an open source full text search server, designed from the ground up with performance, relevance (aka search quality), and integration simplicity in mind. A variety of text processing features enable fine-tuning Sphinx for your particular application requirements, and a number of relevance functions ensures you can tweak search quality as well.

Get involved and contribute to the project

If you’d like to help us improve the project, you can do so in the following ways:

You can also visit LOVATA’s GitHub page.


© 2018, LOVATA Software Development Company under GNU GPL v3.

Developed by Andrey Kharanenka.

These plugin(s) are required for the plugin:

Product form

The full plugin documentation is abailable here.

Plugin adds fields 'search_synonym', 'search_content'' to Product, Brand, Category, Tag models.

Plugin adds search($sSearchString) method to ProductCollection, BrandCollection, CategoryCollection, TagCollection classes.

$obList = ProductCollection::make()->search('test search');

Installation Guide

  1. Install Sphinx
sudo apt-get install sphinxsearch
  1. Configure sphinx.conf. Create indexes for products, categories, brand, tags. For example:
    • 'oc_product' - index for default language
    • 'oc_product_ru' - index for language with code ru
source oc_product
    sql_query = SELECT id, name, preview_text, description, search_synonym, search_content FROM lovata_shopaholic_products order by `id` DESC
source oc_demo_product_ru
    sql_query = SELECT product.id, JSON_EXTRACT(lang.attribute_data, '$.name') as name FROM lovata_shopaholic_products as product LEFT JOIN rainlab_translate_attributes as lang ON product.id = lang.model_id WHERE lang.model_type  = 'Lovata\\Shopaholic\\Models\\Product' and lang.locale = 'ru'
  1. Copy sphinxsearch.php config.
cp plugins/lovata/sphinxshopaholic/config/sphinxsearch.php config/sphinxsearch.php
  1. Configure config/sphinxsearch.php for your project

Initialize plugin.

Feb 23, 2018