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  • Added on Jan 16, 2015
  • Current version: 1.0.17
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
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BlogProtect extends RainLab Blog plugin plugin so you can use blog category permissions to restrict post viewing. Only users who have permission to see your posts will be able to access them.

Clubs can publish blog posts / news posts that are only visible to logged in members. Some posts can be public so visitors can also view them.

You can also divide your posts into categories that only some members can view based on their group roles.


  • One permission setting to use for public ( users that are not logged in ) viewing
  • Permissive viewing based on post category.
  • Drop in replacements for RainLab Blog components
  • NEW Permissive RSS feed.
  • Multi-language configurable
    • Includes ( en ) English language file

Please Note: I did not write the RainLab Blog plugin plugin and accept no credit for it. Any bugs for BlogProtect should be directed to me and any bugs thought to belong to Rainlab.Blog after installing this plugin should be verified by removing BlogProtect confirming before reporting to Rainlab.Blog.

Set permission on category

This Plugin requires Kurt Jensen.Passage, RainLab.User, and RainLab.Blog to function.

Basic Steps:

  • Install plugin ( Installation code : kurtjensen.blogprotect )
  • Logout and back into october backend.
  • Go to Settings and choose Misc then Blog Protect in the side menu.
  • Set Public Category and Default Category for your setup.
  • Goto Blog then Categories and set the Permission for each of your categories.
    • The permission you chose for Public Category earlier will be viewable by everyone even when logged out.
    • Any other permission you use for a category will be viewable ONLY by logged in front-end users who have that permission as part of their group.
  • Use the BlogProtect components to build the pages just as you would the regular RainLab.Blog components and your posts will be protected.

Note: Any categories that do not have a permission set will not display posts. After installation, all categories will need a permission set.


Fixes List column type "relation" could not be found.

Apr 17, 2020


Fixes ProtectedCategories does not contain a method getComponent

Mar 07, 2020


Fixed Broken Links. Updated to changes made in RainlabBlog 1.3.3

Aug 24, 2019


Updated to changes made in Passage Permission Plugin up to version 1.0.12

Nov 22, 2017


Fix Plugin language key for plugin name and description.

Dec 29, 2016


Updated to reflect changes made to RainLab Blog. Add RSS feed.

Dec 26, 2016


Removed last trace of "deny_perm" and deleted unused trait

Dec 24, 2016


Updated to changes made in Passage Permission Plugin

Oct 04, 2016


Added Backend Settings Permissions

Feb 23, 2016


Added messageURL() to enable Author Notices

Feb 14, 2016


!!! This is an important update that contains breaking changes. BlogProtect will now be using Passage Permission Keys for permissions and you will need to install the plugin using code "kurtjensen.passage". If you do not install Passage Permission Keys plugin then your protected posts may not show or may be visible to anyone who visits your site until you do add PassagePermission Keys plugin. This update also removed "deny_perm" from settings and querys as it was difficult to use correctly and had little use.

Feb 07, 2016


Added DB class for new permission queries

Mar 15, 2015


Fixed Error in View related to pagination

Mar 15, 2015


Updated to be RC compatible

Mar 10, 2015


Fixed Error when user has no permisions

Feb 10, 2015


Seed Tables

Jan 16, 2015


First version of BlogProtect

Jan 16, 2015