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Note: This plug-in extends and depends on the RainLab's Blog plug-in to generate the feed.

An on-the-fly, W3C validated, customisable RSS feed builder plug-in. The generated RSS feed was built according to the W3C standards. It includes all the required tags as well as a few optional ones, like copyright, feed category, feed language. These optional tags can help feed aggregators to better promote your feed.

The feed is built on request, so it always generates an up-to-date feed. The plug-in is very customisable by both end-user as well as extendable by other developers.


  • customisable URL
  • feed built on request
  • includes optional RSS fields for better integration with feed aggregators
  • data source and renderer easily extendable by developers.


Just install the plug-in via the OctoberCMS market by looking for KoderHut.RssFeedster. You can also download the code from Github@rssfeedster. After installation head to Settings > KODERHUT > Koderhut RssFeedster and set the following required configs:

on the 'GENERAL' tab:

  • RSS Feed Url - this is the URL where the feed aggregators will find your feed
  • RSS Feed title - this is the title that will be displayed by the aggregators

on the 'POSTS OPTIONS' tab:

  • Max no. of Posts - set the maximum number of posts that will be retrieved for the feed
  • Post page - this will determine the URL that will be generated for linking back to your feed
  • Found the plugin useful on 31 Jul, 2018

    For anyone wanting to publish plugins, you can do no better than look at the code for this one. It is, as the previous poster said, the best written OctoberCMS plugin I have seen, and I use many of them and write them as well. This guy deserves double ratings!

  • author

    Replied on 31 Jul, 2018

    Thank you, Andy! I really appreciate it. :)

  • Found the plugin useful on 31 Oct, 2017

    This is probably best written October plugin on the market. Splendid job.

  • author

    Replied on 31 Jul, 2018

    Thank you for the review.

  • Found the plugin useful on 3 Mar, 2017

    Excellent plugin. Simple, convenient, easy to use, easy to configure in the backend, gets the work done.

    However, you will have to remove the default blog Post created when installing Rainlab.Blog because this post is related to no user, and the plugin will fail to retrieve this Post's author email/name (see Trying to get property of non-object).

    Don't hesitate to use this plugin, it is worth!

  • Found the plugin useful on 27 Jan, 2017

    I would even be great to add featured image from the blog to the rss.xml


Fix crash when installing plugin along default blog post

Mar 15, 2017


Fix typo preventing proper sorting of Posts when listing RSS feed. Thanks go to @Abhimanyu Saharan

Jan 30, 2017


Add plug-in permissions for the configuration section

Oct 19, 2015


Add XML template for the RSS feed and cleanup of feed generation code

Oct 19, 2015


Fix functionality bugs and plug-in description bugs

Oct 11, 2015


First version of RssFeedster plug-in

Oct 05, 2015