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  • Added on Feb 3, 2020
  • Current version: 1.0.5
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x use latest
    v2.x use latest
    v1.x use latest
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Jagu Import Themes & Plugins

Theme import

With this plugin you can easily import OctoberCMS themes compressed in ZIP file. There is one important feature: If you use Rainlab Pages plugin, there is an option to not overwrite files generated by Rainlab Pages, so all static pages and static menus will not be affected.

Required directory structure of imported ZIP: <theme_name>/<theme_files>

Plugin import

Since version 1.0.3 it is possible to import plugins too.

Required directory structure of imported ZIP: <author_name>/<plugin_name>/<plugin_files>


Just install plugin as usual. You can install it directly in Settings > Updates & Plugins > Install plugins >> Jagu.Import


In administration there is new item in Settings called "Import theme". Just select ZIP file with your plugin files and press "Import" button to import it. It is necessary to to activate newly imported theme in Settings > Front-end theme section.


Update some constructs to satisfy lower PHP versions.

Apr 15, 2020


Small bug fixies.

Mar 10, 2020


Import plugins.

Mar 10, 2020


Remove all existing files option.

Feb 14, 2020


Initialize plugin.

Feb 03, 2020