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This plugin offer cookie consent for your visitors. Web admin can define multiple kinds of cookies (technical, analytical, etc.). User can accept all or just some subset of defined cookies. There is a comfortable API to check if user accepted cookie by its key.

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Set up

  • Install plugin from marketplace.
  • Define kinds of cookies you want to manage on your site in administration.
  • Check if you have {% styles %}, {% script %} and Framework extras added in your layout.
  • Include cookieConsent component to your layout.

Cookies accepted by user

In the template you can check if user accepted specific cookie by its key attribute.

For example there is a Analytical cookie defines with analytical_cookies key. It is possible to check if user accepted specific cookie in template:

[cookieConsent] // cookieConsent component has to be included in layout
{% if cookieConsent.isCookiesAllowed('analytical_cookies') %}
       // Some Google Analytics init script here
{% endif %}

Managing already accepted cookies

To manage already accepted cookies you can define link with data-request attribute that opens up the dialog to manage cookies.

<a data-request="cookieConsent::onManageCookies">
    Manage cookies


Plugin supports multi-language texts in cooperation with RainLab.Translate plugin.


Initial version

Jan 14, 2022