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  • Added on Jul 3, 2019
  • Current version: 1.0.1
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
  • License: Regular / Extended
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Ideas Ecommerce plugins is simple, flexible, powerful ecommerce system. There are some features:

  • Product has two types: simple, configurable
  • Category
  • Brand manager
  • Dynamic attribute : color, size, ....
    ++ attirbute filter: text, color, image
    ++ attribute dynamic
    ++ attribute customize
  • Option: add more price for your product. For example : product is laptop has 4gb ram, option is 8gb (so price of the product will add more amount of money, for example: 50 $)
  • Filter Navigation
  • Coupon
  • Review
  • Payment method: Cod, Paypal, Stripe
  • Shipping, tax
  • Product label manager
  • Onepage checkout
  • Easy to extends and customize
  • ....


Support: ideaspro247@gmail.com
Skype: ideaspro247

Link demo frontend
Link demo backend
user/password : demo/demo123



  • First, you install plugin user of Rainlab: Rainlab User plugin
  • Then, you install ideas ecommerce plugin: Ideas ecommerce plugin
  • Config mail : Settings (of octoberCMS) -> Mail configuration -> config your mail method (Send mail, SMTP, ....)


In all page you should include component [SessionCheck] and [Cart]. In container, you should include component Cart:

        <div class="container">
            {% component 'Cart' %}

You can download theme demo that modifed to know the way components works: theme_demo

Component Category

This component display product in one category. There are 3 properties:

  • slug : Slug of category
  • per_page : Number product per page
  • prefix_url_product_detail : prefix url to generate for product link

Component Product

this component display a product by slug There is 1 property:

  • slug: Slug of product

Component User

This component will do something: login, register, forgot password, change password, manager address of customer

Component List Product

This component display list of product based on : 'category', 'brand', 'is_featured_product', 'is_new, is_bestseller', 'is_on_sale' There are 5 properties:

  • type: it include 5 types: 'category', 'brand', 'is_featured_product', 'is_new, is_bestseller', 'is_on_sale'
  • slug: slug of category (if type is 'category')
  • brand_id : id of brand (if type is 'brand')
  • max_items: max number of product to display
  • prefix_url_product_detail : prefix url to generate for product link

Another Components

  • Checkout: one page checkout
  • Invoice: print invoice
  • Order detail: detail of order (when customer logged in)
  • Order Manager: list of order

Initialize plugin.

Jul 02, 2019