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  • Added on Nov 27, 2015
  • Current version: 1.0.2
  • Platform Compatibility
    v3.x not tested
    v2.x not tested
    v1.x use latest
  • License: Regular / Extended
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The Quiz and Polls module allows users to add quizzes and polls to their website in minutes. You just need to go in settings and configure a quiz or a poll. Once done, simply go in any page and add the component in your page, the plugin will do the magic.

Configuring a new poll

  • Go in the back-office > Settings > Polls
  • Click "New poll" button. (Note that a sample poll is already created)
  • Set you question label (the question reference is automatically filled with a slug)
  • Click on create choice to add as many quesiton as you want
  • Finally, click "Create" button (please note the auto filled reference, you will need it to configure your component)

Adding the poll to your website

  • Go in the back-office > CMS and choose the page where you want to put your poll
  • Click on components icon on the sidebar and develop the "Quiz and polls" entry
  • Drag the poll icon and drop it in the webpage editor where ever you want to place the poll
  • Click on the "Poll" block on the top of the editor and put the unique reference
  • It's done.

And it's the exact same process for the quizes !

  • Found the plugin useful on 25 Oct, 2016

    Out of the box it works well and provides basic quiz functionality. I've extended it so far to track correct answers as well as display results at the end. I've also been able to make it load quizzes dynamically on pages. Point being, this is a great base from which to add on your own touches.


Fixed typo in the config file

Jun 18, 2020


First version of QuizAndPolls

Nov 23, 2015