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Backend for adding slides


  • Backend
  • Settings
  • Components
  • Change styling
  • Change html
  • Seed dummy data
  • Contributions


The slides can be managed in the backend. See the screenshots for how it looks. You can change the following things:

  • Caption text
  • Slider image
  • Button URLs
  • Button texts


There are also some global settings for the slider that can be managed. These can be found under Settings -> getRight Slider. The settings that can be managed are the following:

  • Enabling/disabling the caption text and buttons.


This plugin uses the following components:

  • Slides

Slides component

To use this component you can use {% component 'SlideShow' %} in your page.

The slides component has the following methods and properties


The component doesn't use any component properties.


The methods that are use are getSlides() which gets all the slides saved to the database. This is saved to the property $slides with the onRun() function. So you can use __SELF__.slides in your component partial

Change styling

The slider has some custom styling, if you want to change it, change it in your theme with some custom styling.

Change html

If you would like your own html for the data. You can do so by overriding the default partial in your theme. For more info take a look at https://octobercms.com/docs/cms/components#overriding-partials

Seed dummy data

To have some data when developing change your APP_ENV to 'dummy' and run php artisan plugin:refresh GetRight.Slider


If you would like to contribute and help to grow this plugin. Please take a look at our github page (https://github.com/getrightnl/octobercms-slider-plugin)


Added options for background mode (cover, contain) and added background-position-x / y per slide

Jun 19, 2017


Added switch to disable buttons and text to be shown/Added backend functionality to upload images/Added Environment check for seeding/Added translation files

Jun 19, 2017


Seed slides table

Jun 15, 2017


Create slides table

Jun 15, 2017


First version of Slider

Jun 15, 2017