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Minimal projects/portfolio plugin that let's you show off your 2 most recent projects to your clients. It willl let you upload a project image and a project title for now.

Used in following themes

  • getRight Construction Theme


  • Backend
  • Components
  • (Possible) plans for future
  • Contributions


In the backend you can add projects. See screenshot for how it looks.


This plugin uses the following components:

  • RecentProjects;
  • ProjectDetails (in progress, not registered in plugin.php yet);


The recent projects component shows two of your most recent client projects on a page. The component is called like this {% component 'RecentProjects' %}. Shows the following things about project.

  • Project image
  • Project title

ProjectDetails (in progress)

This component is not finished yet. But will show a single project with the following details:

  • Project Image
  • Project text
  • Project title
  • (Possible) some project specifications

This component can be called like this {% component 'ProjectDetails' %}

(Possible) plans for future

If there is demand for it there will be some extra features that will be implemented:

  • Add project details page, where the project is highlighted
  • Add some extra fields, like a text field, a repeater field where you can add specifications
  • A component which renders all the projects not just the two most recent
  • Component Property for choosing the number of items you want to show as most recent projects


If you want to contribute please check our GitHub page (https://github.com/getrightnl/octobercms-projects-plugin)


Seed projects table

Jun 15, 2017


Create projects table

Jun 15, 2017


First version of Projects

Jun 15, 2017