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This plugin let's you show your company qualities with the use of circles.

It renders three progress circles which you can provide with text, percentage and a title to show your clients where you excell as a business. See the screenshot for a image of how it's rendered.


  • Backend
  • Components
  • Overriding styles
  • Overriding partial
  • Future plans
  • Contributions


In the backend it is possible to set a name a title and a text for the circles. See the screenshots for how the backend looks.


You can use this component on your page to render three circles with percentages, title and a text to show the customers what your business is capable of.

Doesn't have any properties for know, but there are some plans for further development, see Future plans below.

To use this component use the following in your code {% component 'CirclesList' %}

Overriding styles

There is some default styling with this plugin. If you wish to override the default styling you can do so in your theme.

Overriding partial

If you want to use some different html for the data this is possible, have a look at overriding component partials https://octobercms.com/docs/cms/components#overriding-partials

Future plans

  • Make the number of circles dynamic with componentProperties
  • Enable animation on scroll
  • Turn animation of the percentage and circle on/off with a property


If you want to contribute to this plugin and build it to something better, contributions are accepted through github page. https://github.com/getrightnl/octobercms-progresscircles-plugin


Seed progresscircle table

Jun 15, 2017


Create progresscircle table

Jun 15, 2017


First version of ProgressCircles

Jun 15, 2017