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  • Added on Jun 15, 2017
  • Current version: 1.0.2
  • Compatibility
    October CMS v3.x not tested
    October CMS v2.x not tested
    October CMS v1.x use latest
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This plugin renders a contact form and is required in the following themes. But can be used in other themes as well.

Included in following themes

  • getRight Construction Theme


  • Requirements
  • Overriding styles
  • Overriding default partial
  • TO DO's for future
  • Contributing


Make sure to use the {% framework extras %} in your layout of your theme to support inline validation

Overriding the styles

The contact form has some default styling, but you can override this by overriding it in your themes styling

Overriding the partial

To override the default component partial you should have a look at this https://octobercms.com/docs/cms/components#overriding-partials

TO DO's for future

  • Add Google Captcha
  • Add repeater in backend to add your own fields and rules


If you want to contribute create a new issue on the Github page (https://github.com/getrightnl/octobercms-contact-plugin) we will review your feature/bug and reply if it is worth to build.


English translations for placeholders and full Dutch translations

Jun 16, 2017


First version of Contact

Jun 15, 2017