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This plugin allows in-context editing (click to edit) features to the OctoberCMS front-end. This plugin is a fork from RainLab Editable plugin but uses Translate strings instead of content blocks.

The editor only allows plain text and line breaks.

Implementation is simply replacing the {{ message|_ }} translation tags with the component.


These plugin(s) are required for the plugin:

Using the EditMe component

First you must ensure that the EditMe component is attached to the page or layout.

It can be displayed on the front end like this:

title = "A page"
url = "/a-page"


<!-- This content will be editable -->
{% component 'editme' message='page.title' %}

After doing this, you will be able to edit the message from the frontend and also from the backend Settings / Translate messages.

Replacing existing translation tags with editable tags.

An example translation tag:

{{ page.title|_ }}

This tag can be made editable by using the following instead:

{% component 'editme' message='page.title' %}


Only administrator with the permission Manage content are able to edit content. Administrators must also be logged in to the back-end.

Front-end JavaScript and StyleSheet

The components in this plugin provide custom stylesheet and javascript files to function correctly on the front-end. Ensure that you have {% scripts %} and {% styles %} in your page or layout.

The styles also depend on the October JavaScript Framework, so ensure the {% framework %} tag is also included in your page or layout.


First version of EditMe

Sep 21, 2017