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AutoTranslate is a powerful plugin for October CMS that makes it easy to translate backend forms. With a simple and intuitive interface, you can quickly and easily translate backend form fields. This plugin is perfect for businesses and organizations with a global audience, or for developers who want to provide a seamless localization experience for their users.

AutoTranslate supports different services to translate your content. For translation, there are multiple drivers available: DeepL, Google Cloud Translation and Google Translate (free, for testing purposes)

Easily translate a text field

To configure this plugin, you can go to the AutoTranslate settings. Here you can select your translation service. The following services are currently available:

  • Google Translate Free (for testing purposes only)
  • DeepL

DeepL needs an API key. You can find more information on the DeepL site.


Add permissions

Aug 17, 2023


Add support for translatable blueprint title and slug

Aug 07, 2023


Add support for October CMS v2

Apr 13, 2023


Add support for Google Cloud Translation API

Mar 16, 2023


Fix duplicated listener

Mar 08, 2023


Improve UX with translated values in popups

Mar 08, 2023


Upgrade Google Translate dependency

Jan 24, 2023


Add support for free translations with Google Translate

Jan 24, 2023


First version of AutoTranslate

Jan 24, 2023