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This plugin gives you the ability to render a list on your Dashboard. It will render a Backend\Widgets\List. You have the option to filter the results by providing some additional options. All settings can be done through the inspector of the report widget.


When Is count checked the widget renders a number on your dashboard based on a query.

Setting Description Example
Model You need to provide a model which you want to use in the dashboard query. Codecycler\DashboardQuery\Models\Setting
Columns This will be used to define the columns. $/codecycler/dashboardquery/models/setting/columns.yaml
Record URL This setting is optional. Provide a url if you want to be able to open the record. codecycler/dashboardquery/settings/update/:id
Where This setting is optional. Use this to filter the results. -
Where relation This setting is optional. Use this to filter the results. -
Records per page Set records per page 5
Show sorting When checked enables sorting of the list true
Is count When checked the output returns just a number false

Reload page after modifying the reportwidget properties!

This is a known issue. Will be fixed in the near future.


Added expired in type filter

Mar 03, 2020


Code refactor

Mar 03, 2020


Added support for expired filter

Oct 28, 2019


Initialize plugin.

Oct 15, 2019