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Footer Signature lets you customize your footers in an easy way!

Add a text for the signature, choose whether to use an icon, or not and that's it!

N.B. the icons are created with an <i> element, like Font Awesome


  • Multilanguage
  • Icon handling via placeholder (:icon)
  • Multiple icon selection: fixed, or random
  • Unlimited icon insertions via repeater
Footer Signature Settings page



Place this component in your footer to display the signature


  • Text: the text to display. You can insert the text in all the languages you've installed (plugin Rainlab.Translate required). To place an icon wherever you want inside the signature use the placeholder ":icon". This will be replaced with the selected/random icon
  • Random icon: if ON, the icon showed inside the signature will be selected randomly
  • Selected icon: select one of the icons you've entered as fixed icon
  • Icons: use the repeater to insert multiple icons to display. If "Random icon" is on, the icon will change on every refresh

Updated requirements and images

Apr 08, 2019


First version of FooterSignature

Apr 05, 2019