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In the html of a post I have added divs around some content that I want styled a specific way. Howev...

Posted in divs in a post change as soon as the post is re opened

It appears in the list view.

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While testing, I discovered that when I publish two blog posts on the same day, they're alphabetical...

Posted in Blog Posts published on the same are ordered alphabetically

It would be handy if the date selected for a post was in the future and published was checked, then ...

Posted in Scheduling Posts

When I click Cancel while creating a blog post I am redirected to /backend/problog/posts which doesn...

Posted in Hitting Cancel directs you to nonexistent page

Thank you so much. I had been looking on the main category page.

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It would be nice if you could delete a category. I created some while testing that are now unused an...

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It seems that when you click a tag it should reload the Blog List page to display only posts with cl...

Posted in Clicking a tag doesn't seem to do anything