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Hi there,

I'm using Envoyer which pulls in a new build each time I push to my repo, it's causing me...

Posted in robots.txt with Envoyer

This is appearing again in build 431 and latest SEO manager. Can you fix?

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Any news? This is one option that is stopping us from using JKshop for several projects - instead we...

Posted in Feature Request - Adding inventory per Property

Is there any update on this issue. I can't seem to figure this one out either.

Posted in [5.5] Middleware fails

Hi there,

just wondering how we can add data from a model before sending? Example would be to be abl...

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I've just installed this plugin on a fresh install of October with the RainLab.User plugin as pe...

Posted in Breaks October 418

Hi, is it normal behaviour for the SEO options to appear in a repeater when including the SEO model ...

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I believe it's installed properly. As I said, this error message actually appears in a sweetalert po...

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after installing this plugin and refreshing any page I get AJAX handler 'onShowFlashMsg' was ...

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OK I see php artisan october:update actually pulls in the plugins I have linked via the project - I ...

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