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Jacob said:

Hello Robin,

I added the report widget and the undo button in version 1.0.3. You can en...

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Hey Jacob,

I've justed tested your plugin and really like it.

Maybe its an idea to make this a repor...

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Awesome thanks. I like the way on how you seperate your API routes with controllers and not just mes...

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Could it be possible to add version control to themes, just as with the plugins? Now theme updates w...

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For some reasons tempnam() and tmpfile() are not working on my host, so I had to make the following ...

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Same issue here. Having multiple paid plugins attached to a project with a broken theme, that makes ...

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I have kind of the same problem. I need to have a lot of images to be resized once. Best will be jus...

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Bump :)

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Thanks for your response,

I mean in this way:

  1. Purchase a subscription
  2. After x days before subscript...

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