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I may be missing something server side, but I'm having some issues with thumbnail generation. I...

Posted in Thumbnail Generation Produces Broken Images


I'm having some issues regarding static asset caching for combined css and javascript.

I ca...

Posted in Caching Combined Assets (web server)

Not really sure what you're asking. Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do?

Posted in Newsletter Template

I think if you're applying edge update then it's to be expected. I've always found breaking changes ...

Posted in Is it just me or does october break every update?

Twig is awesome. I steed with zero knowledge of twig when I migrated my sites to October but it make...

Posted in Why Twig?

Hi all,

Just thought I'd post a quick example site I put together with my as yet unreleased and dist...

Posted in Just a quick example of October + Bootstrap

@jefitto446885 that is as official as you can get. Go for it.

Posted in Can I create a OctoberCMS official site?

I wanted to post screenshots of my plugin but it's huge so I've created an 11 minute screencast inst...

Posted in Hi! I'd like you to take a look at my upcoming plugin for Affiliate Marketers

I think this should read asset folder of the plugin rather than the component. It's very useful, tha...

Posted in Combining a set of JavaScript files within a component

Thank you this is excellent and I'll be making use of it in my upcoming plugins.

Posted in Creating collapsible sidenav menu