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I recently started getting this message in the Payment Method section on the checkout page.

This sho...

Posted in FIX: Payment Method saying 'This shop don't support and payment method in this country ([any-country-code])'.

Okay I have sorted the issue.

The problem relates to the functions that controls the verification co...

Posted in Profile page error

Yes same here after an OctoberCMS update.

If I find the solution I will pass on the code :)


Posted in Profile page error

Hi fphilip54381,

I had the same problem and it turns out it's an easy fix/typo.

All instances of Mai...

Posted in Fatal error using this plugin

There is an issue with certain classes not being found on some servers.

It relates to the folders in...

Posted in All the folders in the plugin need making lowercase

It would be nicer to have a random generated code for the order code rather than an id number.

Posted in FUTURE OPTION: The random generated order codes.

Both files needed to be made the same in order to get the same numerical value.

File: models/

Posted in BUG: Low in stock giving different numbers.

The wrong colours are being shown in the quantity badges on the items list. The following needs to b...

Posted in BUG: Wrong colours on the quantity badges.

At the moment when setting the countries postage costs it is based on per item in the checkout. Is t...

Posted in FUTURE OPTION: Country postage costs are per individual item not overall.

NOTE: This is not the best solution since I have had to change the plugins code.

Okay I have had t...

Posted in SOLVED: Paypal status for auto validation