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Can you give us a little bit more explanation of how the image is assigned, how the categories displ...

Posted in How can I get the category's primary pic?

anitaurquiola2819693 said:


I have a error when try to create a file using the plugin. This is ...

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shoes222236 said:

I changed that and nothing happened. Also clearned the artisan cache as well as ...

Posted in Securing the admin / backend?

Use something like this

$query = Db::table('your_table')->where('column', 'value')->count();

More do...

Posted in How to get accurate record count?

It's a bit difficult to read post formatted like this. Would you reformat it as readable code so peo...

Posted in How can I access localeUrl in page? Translate plugin

I had the same issue just now. My problem was that i have created dropdown and made it fetch items b...

Posted in Nested tree from OctoberCms not working correctly

I have followed initial tutorial and it works as a charm.

However when i change image - path does n...

Posted in Tips to Make it working as user Avatar

johnytributante17670 said:

I did everything step by step but when I click on the page redirects me ...

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