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One word: Placeholders!

You can find it in the OctoberCMS documentation. Just use the styles and scr...

Posted in Any way to add HTML code from Component?

I would go with what @chris10207 suggested, which is too exclude all the OctoberCMS files entirely. ...

Posted in What to have in .gitignore

You can use my RESTful plugin to do this.

Posted in How do I authenticate an API POST request from outside of October?

Just make sure to write this code by overriding the component's init method so that the lifecycle of...

Posted in Using Form Builder Component with another plugin

roseysmith39276 said:

These plugins are not working on my device. I am facing lots of issue like As...

Posted in Plugins not working with custom markup - AJAX handler was not found.

vdomah said:

After installation trying to open /backend/mohsin/txt/settings and got following error...

Posted in Call to a member function hasAnyAccess() on null

Update: The correct way apparently is to use _relation_viewPath.htm in your controller folder. So in...

Posted in [HOW TO] Add custom toolbarButtons in relation controllers

BrandSetting uses the SettingsModel so you can query it using the get method easily, like..


Posted in [HOW TO] Get logo from Customize Backend

In your form field yaml file under repeater use the default attribute as follows


Posted in repeater default value (backend forms)

How would I go about making growable: false in case of relations. There is a showSearch option that ...

Posted in How to use toolbar search widget?