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Is it possible to create page route paths without slashes what may contain variables? For example: /...

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In case you don't have any user's contact information it still can be used for data analysis. Where ...

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That's definitely a better solution. I'll try it tomorrow.

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Posted in HTML minification

It would be great if there was an option to minify all html code of the page just like css and js.

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It may be useful for analytics and marketing purposes. "Forgotten cart" marketing campaign solely, i...

Posted in Order gets created before successful transaction.

There are no finished e-commerce solutions still for october. The other option is firestarter's shop...

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I've found a solution - you can inject content in layouts by using {% placeholder %} tag. More on th...

Posted in Unable to use twig's "extend" function in layouts

Is it possible to filter results in default dropdown-widget for belongsTo relation (field type - rel...

Posted in Exclude options from belongsTo relation form widget

Other issue also has been resolved: (at OptionValue model)

    public function getNameAttribute()

Posted in Preloading object relations recoursively