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Still happens though.

Posted in Cannot run artisan ide-helper:generate anymore, since dependency update

Scott, posted you an issue on OWL with

Posted in October Widget Library

It appears link is to L4.2, where October is L5, but yeah.

Posted in Front end form development

Same happens on RC 210 with clean installation, seems something changed in FormController handling ...

Posted in SQL Error on create new menu

Keios/Voipdeploy dev here: some of it probably, let's say symlinked assets - {{ 'path' | theme }} fi...

Posted in Multisite shared content

yes, and it works only for super administrators, not for anyone else in other backend groups. we wan...

Posted in How to find the field.yaml for blog Editor?

Documentation doesn't present information that both {% scripts %} and {% styles %} are needed in lay...

Posted in Reference error

Ok, got that figured out. The trail went through trait ViewMaker->getViewPath->PathMaker->makePath t...

Posted in Build 146 - new Blog error

The fault is in this file: modules/backend/formwidgets/relation/partials/_relation.htm

Stack trace: ...

Posted in Build 146 - new Blog error

When trying to create / modify blog post - exception: The partial '/srv/www/octobersrv/www/october/m...

Posted in Build 146 - new Blog error