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Look at here http://octobercms.com/docs/themes/development#combiner-vars

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jprevot said:

I have problem with registerContextSidenavPartial

this partial is in partials folde...

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I have a problem with opening CMS-Content or CMS-Pages: sometimes 2 tabs opening at once inste...

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In People Model you should use something like this

public $belongsTo = [
        'types' => ['NameOf...

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Use Brand settings. Skin is rendering CSS from BrandSettings.

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I extended FileUpload widget in my plugin for this.

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Hi! How can I add fileupload field in theme.yaml? I need to have opportunity update site logo in the...

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@jonathanmaloy thx a lot!

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How can I hide "Assets" from navbar for non-admin users in backend?

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Show your system_settings table from DB, line "backend_brand_settings".

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