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OK, guys. I've figured it out. It turns out to be the PHP upload mechanism.

When a client make a htt...

Posted in Being attacked, please help.

My website is being attacked a couple weeks ago. Fortunately, I have the antivirus that intercepted ...

Posted in Being attacked, please help.

daftspunk said:

This is fixed in v2.1.8 and up

Sorry, would you please share how to implement a po...

Posted in How to set up a Polymorphic field in the fields.yaml?

I am having the same issue. Any suggestion?

Posted in Cannot make non static method Illuminate\Routing\Controller::getMiddleware() static in class AhmadFatoni\ApiGenerator\Controllers\ApiGeneratorController

@Parses, I would like to do the same thing, a json editor, any idea on this?

Posted in Create form-widget to handle jsonable data

@AlanQ, thank you so much for your time and effort to answer my question. I will try and feedback la...

Posted in How to rollback User Plugin to 1.3.4?

PHP 5.x October Version 419

Hello, I just updated the User Plugin to v1.4.5 from v1.3.4, and then ba...

Posted in How to rollback User Plugin to 1.3.4?


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I would like to know about it too.

Posted in Create backend list with custom data

As title. I would like to add a column of auto increase number to my list. Is there any better way t...

Posted in How to add an auto increase index column to the list?