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I am having the same issue. Any suggestion?

Posted in Cannot make non static method Illuminate\Routing\Controller::getMiddleware() static in class AhmadFatoni\ApiGenerator\Controllers\ApiGeneratorController

@Parses, I would like to do the same thing, a json editor, any idea on this?

Posted in Create form-widget to handle jsonable data

@AlanQ, thank you so much for your time and effort to answer my question. I will try and feedback la...

Posted in How to rollback User Plugin to 1.3.4?

PHP 5.x October Version 419

Hello, I just updated the User Plugin to v1.4.5 from v1.3.4, and then ba...

Posted in How to rollback User Plugin to 1.3.4?


Posted in owen-it\laravel-auditing

I would like to know about it too.

Posted in Create backend list with custom data

As title. I would like to add a column of auto increase number to my list. Is there any better way t...

Posted in How to add an auto increase index column to the list?

Let's say I'd like to add a new "create" page to create data item massively. This is good enough to ...

Posted in How to add another "bulk/mass create" page?

I would like to uninstall the plugin and remove custom fields too.

Posted in How to remove?

As title.

Posted in How to remove?