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This plugin is great, and works perfect, the only thing I can add, I think it should work backendski...

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Thank you for your update, but now not works fine. The problem is with the file assets / css / octob...

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Awesome plugin! I would like to have an option that the skin of the backend this be of each theme bu...

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Is there a special THEME for this plugin?

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Anyone know if you can disable plugins according to the theme? I would use it because with multisit...

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I need from each url a QR with a link to a page whose data comes from get.


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KurtJensen said:

Add question mark after month and year in URL to make them optional parameters.


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In the component {% Component 'MonthEvents' %} When I go to the default /agenda/ url does not show e...

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I found error in query :

    update `kurtjensen_mycal_events` 
    set `date` = 2017-04-28 00:00:00...

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