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If you add the component: searchform and realitylist on the same page there is an issue with paging....

Posted in Adding component serachform on listing page => issue with paging

About 3500 hotels X 3 images.

Posted in Bulk file import from other system

Hi Mjauvin, I reveived a table with images linked to hotels from wordpress. I've created a new modul...

Posted in Bulk file import from other system

I would like to import files in bulk from another system. The problem is that the files are stored i...

Posted in Bulk file import from other system

If you check the Clean blogger theme with the original Ocober cms blog plugin, you will see that whe...

Posted in Ajax loading of posts

When going to the header video is not playing (images instead). When clickin...

Posted in Video header: video is not playing

Maybe better to use Untill

Posted in Using backend - what is "Thru" field for?

The slug and id is not added at the end of the url. Can you please have a look

Posted in Link from simple list view to event is not working

Hi, @Francesco Did you manage to make it work?

Posted in Is it possible to reference a snippet or component inside the custom block section of the crud generator?

I am using the static page plugin with a theme which supports blocks. I've created a ProEventList ...

Posted in Is it possible to provide variables to the component to display a specific calendar