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You mean editing your component? Wouldn't that be overwritten when you update the plugin and I updat...

Posted in Any way to define the captions?

I'd like to modify the h2 caption and the text button.

I was expecting some properties in the compon...

Posted in Any way to define the captions?

I'm starting a new site using latest October CMS. I was thinking of doing the following:

  • Source cod...

Posted in Proper DEV and PROD environment managemen workflow?

+1 definitely a wiki plugin is needed.

Posted in Wiki Plugin Request

I can't find an online demo of ProBlog (both front and backend). Is there any?


Posted in Is there an online demo available?

I'd like Froala editor to be added if possible.


Posted in Froala editor

I'm following the guide here: https://octobercms.com/docs/backend/forms#form-fields where it says fi...

Posted in How to reference thumbnail image from file_upload field

This doesn't seem to be working. I've enabled 'enableAssetMinify' and my combined JS are not minifie...

Posted in css and js weights almost 0.5Mb

I'm modifying the OctoCase plugin and I'm wanting to add some ajax functionality to it.

I've added a...

Posted in Cannot use object of type {component class path} as array

October saves every layout, partial and page as .htm. Most Twig supporting IDEs (PhpStorm) are expec...

Posted in Why .htm extension for files?