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I have created a static page with a repeater field. If I want to add information to that repeate...

Posted in array_merge(): Argument #1 is not an array

Do you include some Custom page fields in your layout file? Create a simple layout file in CMS and i...

Posted in "Layouts not found" at Pages Plugin

Do you talk about this plugin?

If its an erro...

Posted in plugin sideMenu iconSvg not support

You first have to create a page where you insert the blog category component;)

Posted in Static Menu - CMS Pages not found for Blog Category Type

if you get a 404 error somethink is wrong with your routes. So did you check you pages and component...

Posted in Memory Error

Simply write a new migration and add you coloums and than migrate this:)

Posted in Run particular seed/migration for plugin

Thanks for that tutorial:)

Posted in [HOWTO] How to put a (sub)form to manage a relationship in a backend form

You should update your PHP Version. Thats the fastest and easiest solution;)

Posted in Installer for php <= 5.4

Can you provide some more details? Because I can't reproduce this error. Do you use a theme or blank...

Posted in Page load twice??

Hi, which button does have this problem? Is it in your frontend or in October Backend?

Posted in Two clicks instead of one