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Hi, what are your contact details?

Posted in CMS Developer Required

You need to create a component for the plug-in and then add that component to your page(s).

In the '...

Posted in Created plugin in backend, how to acces the content in fronted

Yep, my bad - I'd not played with the pages plug-in - I assumed it was db driven like the blog. Sorr...

Posted in VCS and the CMS

It would be better to return just the records that have an image from the db.

Have a look at adding ...

Posted in Search all records where the attached image exists

Use the static pages plugin

Posted in VCS and the CMS

Use the Translate plug-in it will handle uri resolution.

Posted in multilang uri

Are you trying to use it in a plug-in you are writing or just an a page that are creating?

If it's j...

Posted in how install JSSOR SLIDER

I don't think so - language is set on the settings page as a user preference. You could extend the ...

Posted in Change languages in backend using URL / accounts

Did you get any joy from elance? If this project is still open to tender then please reply to this p...

Posted in Website redesign in October

I'm not sure I understand your question - do you just want to use October for a backend cms to feed ...

Posted in Using October Cms backend only