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You can chain your scopes but if its not enough, you can pass parameters/conditions when calling sco...

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Current stable build is 419, so you can start with it. Its based on Laravel v5.1. There is 420 build...

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There are no way to do that in Builder (yet). So you should manually add it to your columns.yaml fil...

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It would be great to report spam in posts or even comments.

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You have plenty options for that:

  1. Using native features: keep all your content blocks in the Conten...

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Actually its OK, unless you create components for every functionality. As far as I understand you sh...

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I don't fully understand what you mean, but probably this

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Yes it is! Models use default connection, in your case it is sqlite, you should add mysql connection...

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info13179 said:

In the boot() function in your plugin.php file.

Note, that you can also create ini...

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I think there is missing conditions in status scope.

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