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Hi Mark,

Hope you are doing great !

possess 6+ years of experience and expert level skills in Octobe...

Posted in October CMS Developer required for CSS & Template changes to existing site


Possess expertise with OctoberCMS, plugin development and Laravel. Can create plugin having f...

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Do possess expertise with Laravel and OctoberCMS. Have good knowledge with VueJS.

** Presence...

Posted in Looking for Laravel 5.4+ / VueJS 2 Developer with knowledge of October CMS for long term part-time project

Hey Chris,

Hope you are doing well!

Have you got your preferred match? If not please let me know so ...

Posted in Convert HTML theme to OctoberCMS


Possess expertise with OctoberCMS & cross platform.

Have good reference from UK, MD of https...

Posted in OctoberCMS Developer Needed [Immediate Hire]


Have past experience with OcotberCMS & e-commerce development with the same.

Let's connect!


Posted in [PAID] Help needed to extend a plugin

Hello Matteo,

Hope you are doing well!

Would be glad to assist you and work with you.Have experience...

Posted in October's full stack developers wanted