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3 days ago , i connected Wysiwyg plugin to my project, and installed him ok. Today i've connected this project to local and start update, and ?

Update failed

A plugin with name "Eein.Wysiwyg" could not be found

i think, if plugin approved, then this plugin cannot be removed from market. When? This It breaks projects which used it already. and where i get this plugin ?


You are correct in that if a plugin is in the market it shouldn't be removed, but don't forget, October is still in BETA so these things will happen as the devs try to iron out issues & bugs etc.

If you check out the blog, they've posted a marketplace article explaining that a lot of plugins being submitted aren't up to standard, so maybe that's something to do with it, that they've just asked the plugin dev to bring things up to standard & have temporarily disabled it while this happens.

Not sure if that's the reason, but just be patient as everything is still in BETA.

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