Exploring October as a potential CMS solution to replace our WordPress website. I've got a few questions, if someone can help?

1) Does it support multisites? We are looking to have two different URL’s and in essence 2 different sites, but with some sharing of CMS pages. 2) How easy will it be for us to add / edit pages, content, images, blogs etc, without an in house developer, or knowledge of HTML? 3) Are there any online tutorials on how to use the CMS, non-developer ones?





1) Not natively, unfortunately. CMS pages are static files though so you can potentially have them using a shared repository or some other means of deployment to be duplicated across multiple websites.

2) Very easy. My suggestion would be to look into themes that use the Static Pages plugin - this plugin in particular provides a rich editor for content that requires no knowledge of HTML. Most themes also come with, and support, blogs through the Blog plugin.

3) Our Help page contains a link to Screencasts and introductory videos which will teach the basics of October CMS.

I hope that clarifies things for you. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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