Currently i am developing my first plugin for october cms.

I do have two related models (CAR belongs to BRAND). Both do have a corresponding Controller which implements ListBehaviour. Both list-configs contains a toolbar with search:

    buttons: list_toolbar
        prompt: backend::lang.list.search_prompt

Although not specifying and implementing a query scope, the search works on CAR model, but not on BRAND.

I can neither explain why the search is working on CAR at all, nor why only a certain field of CAR is searchable. And i can not see the difference between CAR and BRAND, that makes the search on BRAND not working.

What are the hidden defaults on search which i do not get?

Thanks, Joachim

Adrien - ACTE Solutions
Adrien - ACTE Solutions

Hello Joachim, look in columns.yaml in your models and add searchable: true

    label: brand
    relation: brand
    select: name
    searchable: true

Hi Adrien,

thanks for your reply.

Can you explain why the search on CAR is working, although i did not explicitly mark any field as searchable? There must be some kind of default behaviour i guess.

Thanks, Joachim

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