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Hello Joachim, look in columns.yaml in your models and add searchable: true

    label: bran...

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I forgot to add the repo link:

Posted in Club Manager work in progress

Hi all,

I recently started a club manager plugin for a Judo club. As for a friend association, our c...

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Hello iSnaker, I believe you have 3 models? Promoaction, Product, Category?

hasManyThrough relations...

Posted in Relation config in backend - show tree of objects categories, add objects to relation

Hi all,

When accessing OctoberCMS request logs, I was tired of seeing all this bot attacks requests ...

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  1. You could use accessors for each thumbnail url, Title, View Count when fields are empty.

Posted in How to fetch data based on input in backend and update rest of input fields.

Hello, Your script file should be in your-plugin-folder/assets/js/head-script.js

In your component a...

Posted in Adding scripts to head section from components

Hello, You can get loggedIn user like below and add it in your component, controller or model. Extra...

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Hello, I know the post is old but it might help others.

I came with the same issue recently. You sho...

Posted in Use Ajax API on backend settings

Hi, I have the same issue. I am running latest version of October (434).

Max size validations are wo...

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