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When using sass partials from Bootstrap 5.1.3 the compiled css files has errors in it.

function onStart() {
$cssAssets = [
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ cssAssets|theme }}">

The combined files looks like this:

/ Undefined variable $variable-prefix: line: 6, column: 3 /

From what I searched I understand that the version of "leafo/scssphp" used in october 1.x cannot work with bootstrap 5 and that the library is abandoned. Are any updates coming to solve this?


Hi buciu,

The library is still maintained as scssphp/scssphp and this is what OCMS uses, however, at the time of writing, they appear to be having some trouble supporting Bootstrap 5. The safest bet is to use npm to precompile the library instead, such as webpack.

I hope this helps!

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