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I work on October 3 right now and recognized, that many of the relations which used to work in October 2 dont work anymore:

    label: 'mch.heads::lang.terms.skinfiles'
        list: $/mch/heads/models/skinfile/columns_recordfinder.yaml
        toolbarButtons: link|unlink
        showSearch: true
        recordsPerPage: 10

If I blick on the link button, I get the following error message: "Call to a member function getId() on null" on line 1 of C:\git\php\laravel\mch-v2.0\modules\backend\behaviors\relationcontroller\partials_manage_form.php"

Yes I didnt configure a form below the manage section, but it wasnt needed untill now. If I add it, I can add a new record, sure, but I would like to select an entry from the list.

So I went over to the Playground plugin and searched for an example and think I found one: Within Galleries, if you edit a gallery and go to the post tab, no matter if you click "Create Posts" or "Add Posts", you go to the same widget.

So I think there's some kind of linking error for relation manage widgets here..



Please confirm and make sure that you are using the latest version of October CMS. There was a bug that might be causing this. Tested using the Test plugin, Galleries, Adding posts is working using OCMS v3.0.33

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Yep, OctoberCMS Update fixed it. Thx ^^

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