Hi October community. Recently I bought the theme and I tried to install. Everything went fine except some files are not being loaded. In some pages I have this function to load specific js and css files like this :

function onStart() {
    $this['path_page_js'] = mix('js/index.js', 'themes/lovata-shopaholic-sneakers/assets');
    $this['path_page_css'] = mix('css/index.css', 'themes/lovata-shopaholic-sneakers/assets');

The output is something like :

<link href="/themes/lovata-shopaholic-sneakers/assets/css/common.css" rel="stylesheet">

But then I noticed, just removing the "/" from the begiggning of the href everything works. So :

<link href="themes/lovata-shopaholic-sneakers/assets/css/common.css" rel="stylesheet">

Anybody knows if there is a setting that is adding the "/" in the beggining of the href

Thanks in advanced

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I had the same problem...

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