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Hi Guys

Disclaimer: Newbie on prgramming trying to setup a website for a tiny community center using for the first time OctoberCMS.

I'm having a very strange behaviour on my installation of OctoberCMS on a WindowsNT running on azure. Cant really pinpoint the issue. So hope someone can help.

So I have tried this in several themes, so is not theme specific.

Using CMS Editor:

  • Every time i edit a page, partial or layout it does save the content and changes are displayed on the frontend
  • Every time i edit a file within the assets folder for example the changes are "saved" on the backend, but do not replicate on the frontend.
  • Everytime i open an image or an existing file that is within the assets folder thar was created during the theme installation it displays correctly in frontend.
  • if i upload a image file to the assets folder, it shows on the backend as uploaded. But when i try to open i get an error 500.
  • if i try to rename an existing file within the assets folder, i can rename the file and the file opens as expected.

-if i use the media library to upload a file, i can open the file as expected.

So issue seems strict to the assets folder on all themes?!

Not sure whats goimg on :/

Any ideas?


@Somel do you have any logs in the storage/logs folder, or any logs in the web server that might be able to give us some hints as to what the cause might be? An error 500 means the server is failing to complete the request, which can either mean an issue with the webserver configuration, or a PHP error.


Benno thanks for fast reply. On the CMS logs there is nothing. I need to check the logs only visible through shell later on.



So i did some additional troubleshooting for some reason the assets folder does not had the right permissions. After manually changing the permissions would work as intended.

On further investigation ( I opted to do a fresh install) after deleting and reinstall OctoberCMS. After the installation i got the same error, so it seems that during the setup process the right permissions are not set properly for this specific folder.

It requires further investigation by others. To know: VM is setup in azure with Windows server. With the recommended versions of php and msql.

A little concerned that the permissions become overwritten by some maintenance scripts or if I decide to reinstall a new theme.


@Somel the installer does set some initial permissions for you, but after that, I don't believe October does any further adjustments to permissions. I don't have a great deal of experience with Windows hosting so I can't really determine where the issue could lie. If you do find that October is making the permission change and can pinpoint the issue, please feel free to submit an issue on our GitHub repository.


Hey Which file on the installer sets the permissions? I can ask.the sys admin to have a look, I'm no coder myself.

From what we could gather during the weekend its an issue particular to the CMS installer and strict to this folder. So i believe we might be close to understand the issue. It seems that the folder assets does not respect the inherit permissions. Additionaly every single time you add and activate a theme the permissions are changed. As such if you had changed the permissions manually they are reset.

We tried a couple fresh installs of octobercms and were able to replicate the issue.

Can you provide the link for github?

Thanks Somel

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