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If you only get access to updates for 1 year when you buy the pay as you go licence, it's quite the same as an annual fee. Usually I want to get updates later on... IMHO it's an impure announcment.


Hi schmauch,

We understand this is might be a bit confusing, we did have it shown as $9/year originally, but this created more confusion about if the website would stop working if the subscription was not renewed.

The PAYG license for October CMS is not an annual subscription because you do not lose access to your website or code when your subscription expires. The license is perpetual to the last version you have and you can continue to use the website forever if you don't decide to renew the update service.

When you buy a license you are paying for this

First year
  • $9 - access to download and use the product (forever)
  • $0 - free update service
Second year
  • $9 - update service

Thank you for your feedback, we will try to make this point clearer in the next website update. Check out the licensing FAQs for more information:

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