Is it possible to protect plugins from copying? For example, using an obfurcator and / or an external control with a verification key.

The point is, some plug-ins are complex to make, and copying from site to site without paying for a new license is incredibly easy.

To stop this scourge, can we put in place certain protections? Activation key validated via an external server, download the rest of the code after, validation, obfurcation ...

The October team could have the readable version to control the quality and non-vulnerability of the code.

Another solution would be the support of this system by the October store. I read the subscription issue with great interest. But I want to offer a complete product (as much as possible), with updated bug fixes. I am ready to make free updates and free versions in development mode. But we need to have a reflexion on a minimal system protection.

October is for DEVs, and DEVs ... well ... we're smart, and for some of us, lazy! :) Copy, Paste, and ... voila! A "free" paid plugin in a other install.

What is the position of the October team, but also of the other plugin creators on this subject?


Reusing paid plugins in this way is in violation of the license terms and if caught violating the terms developers face being banned from the marketplace and losing access to their marketplace account. Additionally, copying plugins in this manner without utilizing the project ID prevents developers from getting updates to paid plugins easily as they now have to manually apply any updates that may come up.

Long term we do not intend to have any "code obfuscation features" of any sort, doing this increases the overall complexity of the plugin system and unnecessarily complicates using October plugins while reducing the overall flexibility of the platform, all of which goes against our core principles & ideals. Essentially, we take the position that any abuse of the current system will be dealt with on a case by case basis with a number of disincentives to discourage abuse (potential expulsion, increased difficulty using the product, etc).

So far it seems that approach has been working fine. However, if you come across any sites and / or developers that you think may be in violation of the license terms, please send a report to the email link in the footer

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