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Send an email to with the details. Paid themes should not be hiding ads on them...

Posted in I buy theme with ads code injection (iframe start viewing little bit after installs). How it possible ?

Glad to hear it! Would really just recommend switching to v1.1 with composer though, the fix was com...

Posted in Can't save anything in assets folder since update [resolved]

It's under Chat Rooms on the sidebar on

Posted in So what's going on with this forum ?

Send an email to

Posted in purchased plugin dont work

If you want to display a flash message after a redirect, just Flash the message before sending the r...

Posted in Flash message dispayed twice [resolved]

What's the actual code that you're running that's slow?

Posted in Slow system_files quering

Does your vhost configuration have AllowOverride all set?

Posted in 404 Error

Looks like there's some faulty code in your onMagazineCategoriesUpdated AJAX handler. Please post th...

Posted in I need your help!! About this Error "call to a member function posts on null "

See on how to convert your wiz...

Posted in Can't save anything in assets folder since update [resolved]

Security through obscurity is not security at all. While you can take steps to make it less likely t...

Posted in How to hide October CMS from cms detectors?