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Is it possible to have a callback/way to output custom output for field value? In this instance I'd like to show the name of the referrer (also a user):

UserController::extendListColumns(function ($list, $model) {
if (!$model instanceof User) {

            'referrer_id' => [
                'label' => 'Referrer',
                //possible to add a mutator function to say output a link / manipulate value?

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Hey g,

Take a look at the type => 'partial' column type. This will let you reference a partial view file where you can manipulate the value and add a link, etc.

Hope this helps!


Thanks Sam, that works great!

One other thing I'm trying to figure out is how to get (custom) column 'id' to display as the very first column (ie most left). I've had a look at but can't seem to see a 'position' (or similar) type config attribute. I think I saw a post on SO somewhere about this but can't find it anymore urgh

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